# Rate your manager

# Overview

Being a manager is a responsability towards the company that employs you and especially towards the employees you have to manage. A manager is there to help employees grow. It’s not a task that should be taken lightly and yet companies are flooded with mediocre managers hated by their employees.

Universities in some countries ask students to rate their teachers. This rating guides the career path and the compensation of those teachers. Why couldn’t we use this system in companies too?

Companies give great powers to managers. They are paid to manage employees, but in return employees have the right to expect to be properly managed. In some companies where politics play a big part, bad managers can still be highly considered by their own managers if they know how to hide fact. The only way to resurface bad behaviours is to frequently ask employees how their manager perform at this task, and make this information visible in the organization to some people with the right access. Transparency should be a core value of every company and OfficeLife wants to help those companies enforce this practice.

The idea is very simple:

  • Once per month, employees will be asked to anonymously rate their managers.
  • Managers (or HR/administrators) will be able to know the results of these polls, so they can improve how they are as managers.
  • It also gives the managers of these managers an overview of how their employees perform in their roles.

# Asking employees for feedback

On the last day of every month, every employee who has a manager will automatically be asked to review their managers. The poll will be active for 3 working days and will automatically disappear from employees' dashboard after one of these two conditions are met:

  • all employees for this manager have answered,
  • we've reached the 3 working days limit.

image of the rate manager poll

A poll is basically one question, Have you appreciated working with your manager this month? with three possible answers:

  • Absolutely,
  • It’s okay
  • and Not at all.

Once the employee clicks on one of the buttons, (s)he can add a comment if (s)he wants.

image of the rate manager comment


  • All poll entries and all comments are completely anonymous. No one, not even HR or administrators, will be able to know who said what.
  • Once a comment has been submitted by an employee, it can’t be changed by anyone, not even by the employee.
  • Employees can't see the entries or comments they've previously submitted.

# Past surveys

Once a survey has been made, OfficeLife gives the results available to managers.

Results are displayed in the Employee profile’s page of the manager, even if (s)he stops being a manager, under the Performance tab.

Past surveys show

  • the number and names of employees that the manager managed at the time,
  • the overall rating.

Past surveys are only visible by:

  • the manager who was targeted by the surveys,
  • the manager(s) of the manager, as they have the right to know how one of their direct reports is doing,
  • someone with at either the HR role or the administrator role.


# What happens if an employee gets another manager?

If the employee gets another manager while a poll is active, (s)he will still have to answer to the poll for the previous manager as it’s a valuable feedback.

# What happens if an employee is deleted from the system?

If an employee is deleted from the system, we'll remove all answers from this employee from the system. If the employee was a manager, any poll associated with him will be deleted.

# What happens if a manager or an employee is locked?

When an employee is locked:

  • past surveys will still include the employee’s past votes.

When a manager is locked:

  • the current poll about this manager will be ended immediately,
  • the HR tab won’t display past polls about him.